It seems somewhat ironic that the most mythicized Corinthian MicroStars figure is not actually a player, but a TV Camera!

The first series of Microstars released in Mexico had 4 Televisa Reporters included, also listed in the series was the Deportes Televisa Camera, however it did not appear on the Mexico Series 1 collector's leaflet found inside the blind box, and it was never placed into the blind boxes either, so what happened to it?

One rumour which seems plausible is that when the range was shipped over to Mexico, what was also sent was a shop display unit, so the range could be prominently displayed in the retail outlets, it is believed that the Televisa Camera figure was taped on the inside of that dispaly unti shipping box, and as a result missed by the store owners and simply discarded away with the cardboard packaging as rubbish, without realising!

It is also just as plausible that it was never produced, except for the Master Model and the production sample.

The Mexico Deportes Televisa Camera is regarded by most Corinthian MicroStars collector's as the 'Holy Grail' of all MicroStars!

Televisa Camera