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Corinthian had released a vast amount of product so it was only natural that they would have a back stock of previously released figures sat in a warehouse going unsold, the solution to this was the Bargain Bucket.


The Bargain Bucket was exactly what the name would imply, it was a plastic bucket that contained previously released figures. The first version of the Bargain Bucket saw each bucket contain 25 MicroStars figures, with 4 different sets being made, so if you purchased all 4 sets you would receive 100 different figures buy buying a 5th bucket would mean you received a duplicated bucket.


1 bargain bucket of 25 assorted MicroStars figures was priced at £15

2 buckets of 50 assorted figures was £28

4 buckets containing 100 assorted figures would cost £100.


As an added bonus, if you purchased 2 bargain buckets you would receive the 2006 convention special of Ronaldinho in Brazil away kit on Gold base for free!


The next version of the Bargain Bucket saw a price change:

1 Bargain Bucket with 20 assorted figures cost £10

2 Bargain Buckets with 40 assorted figures cost £20

3 Bargain Buckets with 60 assorted figures cost £30


For every bargain bucket purchased you would receive a Gold based figure from UK Series 13 or 14 free!


The third version of the Bargain Bucket saw the same pricing structure as seen in version 2, however the free gift had changed, for every bargain bucket purchased you would receive 2 Gold based figures from UK Series 15 free!


The MicroStars Bargain Bucket was a very popular item as it gave collector's a relatively inexpensive way to add figures to their collection, however i have always thought the product could have done even better had it contained exclusive figures.


Corinthian could have produced maybe 4 different figures and made them only available by purchasing the Bargain Bucket, as a result every dedicated collector would have purchased the buckets to obtain the set of exclusives and to maintain sales you simply introduce new exclusives once stock of the existing set is exhausted, so you keep on selling non shifting back stock and also offer a dedicated collector something new to add.

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