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Corinthian released a table top game to be played using the MicroStars figures, called Super Club, and shortly after they released the Power Shot.



Corinthian's distributor in Italy was a company called Giochi Preziosi, in collaboration they released a Power Shot as part of the range released exclusively in Italy. This set can be very difficult to find, especially for those wanting a boxed version.

The MicroStars Power Shot is essentially 'Striker vs Goal Keeper' with the figure being placed into the Power Shot module, the lever is pulled back and upon it's release it makes contact with the ball to create the shot action, hopefully beating the goal keeper to score a goal, with the goal keeper placed into the keeper's base clip, allowing it to be moved by the other player.

Each MicroStars Power Shot set came with:

  • 1 Goal

  • 2 Player Rods

  • 3 Balls

  • 2 MicroStars Figures

Unlike other Power Shot versions, the figures included in the Italy version were random, as opposed to each set having the same figures. 1 figure was a goal keeper from Ital Series 1, either Gianluigi Buffon for Juventus or Dida for AC Milan, with the figures being on a random base colour, Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver or Gold.

The other figure included was an outfield player, which was 1 of the other 38 figures from Italy Series 1, with the figure being on a random base colour, Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver or Gold.


powershot italy 1.jpg
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