There is a lot to detail regarding this series, so I am going to start with the name itself.



This series has always been known as 'Switzerland Series 1' however Corinthian never gave it that name, the packaging itself does not feature any reference at all to Switzerland, nor is the language used French or German, so I have to confess to having zero inclination as to why it has ever been called a Swiss Series.

The 3 countries that the series were indeed distributed in; by a company called CROIT, are Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro, with the packaging and leaflet being in Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin, so for this reason I have reclassified this as 'Croatia Series 1'

The figures were done in collaboration with German company SIMBA, who were also responsible for the German series of MicroStars, which goes a long way to explaining why this series is made up entirely of figures from German Series 1.

As for the the release format, they were done in sealed secret sachets, the same style as the German Series, with each one containing a collector's information leaflet, with the sachet's being sold inside a counter display unit, or CDU.

Appearance wise the 24 figures are identical to those in German Series 1, however they do have unique MC codes. Due to these unique MC codes some collector's see this as a new version to collect, other simply see it the same as German Series 1.



It is hard to understate just how incredibly rare these figures are to obtain. Most collector's are either blissfully unaware of their existence, those who do know about them chose to ignore them due to the rarity and complexity in trying to obtain them!​


Each figure was released on all 6 base colours, Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver and Gold base, with the goal keeper figures of Dida and Lehmann having 4 different MC codes per base colour.

A huge note of thanks to Olly Speed for providing the Croatia Series 1 CDU and Collector's Information Leaflet images.