Mexico Series 2 followed the same blue print as Series 1, with 24 figures being included all having MC codes unique to this series. 20 were in club home kits, with the stand out figure for me being Francesco Toldo for Inter Milan, this kit was only found in Mexico Series 2.



Completing the line up are 4 Televisa Reporters for the broadcaster Deportes, which complete the set of 8 when combined with the 4 from Series 1. It is worth mentioning that all 4 were also released in Mexico Series 4, with Aspe being by far the rarest to find, with a sealed version being an almost impossible task to locate.

The figures were once again released in single mystery boxes, the same style as the ones used in Mexico Series 1. Each mystery box contained one randomly packed MicroStars figure, which could be on one of the seven base colours, which are Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver, Gold and Black and came with chewing gum.



A collectors information leaflet also came issued with the figures which detailed those available in the series, with the text being in Spanish. The boxes were released inside a CDU (Counter Display Unit) with 24 boxes per CDU, with the distributor for the seriesonce again being Producto Marcopolo.

Obtaining a box and collector's leaflet for this series is incredibly difficult, with thanks going to Olly Speed for providing the images of the single box, CDU and collector's information leaflet.





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