Hanshin Tigers is a popular Baseball team in Japan, so much so that Corinthian were requested to produce a set of figures for the Tigers.

Corinthian produced 9 players in both Home and Road uniform, as well as releasing the clubs mascots Lucky and To-Lucky. I am not a baseball fan but I am a huge fan of this set of figures, especially the 2 mascots, such unique and interesting figures.

The figures were released on Green and Gold base, also assigned collector codes begining with JB, following on from MLB Miniatures Series 1 & 2

The Gold base figures were produced especially for limited edition box set, which features all 20 figures, and also came with some limited edition Baseball trading cards. The box set was limited to just 1,000 pieces and also came with a Corinthian certificate of authenticity.

I have the full set of Green base figures in my collection but I have to confess to having absolutely no clue as to how or where they were initially released! If any collector knows how the Green based figures were sold and distributed, please get in touch so I can add the information to this site.