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Corinthian showcased the Micros Marvel Heroes range at the 2006 Convention at Villa Park, with the display case drawing lots of attention from the collector's in attendance.



Marvel Micros Heroes Series 1 contains 24 different Marvel figures, with each one also having a Crystal like chaser figure produced, with the Crystal like figures being produced in much lower volumes. The base codes for the figures are MRV with the Crystal figures also having their own unique MRV code.



These figures were released inside sealed boxes, with a 1 figure pack and a 3 figure pack being produced.


The 1 Hero Pack contained 1 randomly packed Micros Marvel Heroes figure and 2 hero shaped jelly sweets.


The 3 Hero Pack contained 3 randomly packed Micros Marvel Heroes figures and 6 hero shaped jelly sweets.

There was also a game created to play with your Micros Marvel Heroes, call the 'Marvel Power Game' Under the base of each figure were 5 Power Ratings - Strength, Intelligence, Speed, Durability, Energy Protection, with the middle stat being Fight, which was used to score Power Points.


Spider Man