Japans love affair with Roberto Baggio started at Italia 90, his exploits led to him being given the nickname of 'The Divine Pony Tail' and was an ever present in Corinthian products, especially those released in Japan, who simply could not get enough of Baggio.

The Japan Miniatures Lucky Box served it's purpose of clearing existing stock but also offering collector's something exclusive to chase, so it was no surprise to see New Wave reprise this format and release a Lucky Box dedicated to Roberto Baggio.

There were 8 exclusive Roberto Baggio Miniatures figures produced, which see him in the home and away kits for Inter Milan, AC Milan, Fiorentina and Bologna, with him being done on all 7 base colours, Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver, Gold and Black.

The Japan Miniatures Lucky Box Roberto Baggio Edition contained 7 randomly packed Miniatures figures from those already released, however there were also the chance of being 'lucky' and pulling one of the 8 Roberto Baggio figures which were exclusive to the Lucky Box.

I have only being able to acquire an image of the Fiorentina version, so I can only assume that versions exist for the other 3 clubs, but as Corinthian never made this release information public, and I can find no record of it in Japan, i cannot say with surety that indeed one version per club exists. 

However what I am sure of is that the Baggio's are incredibly rare and have always been highly sought after, fetching good money amongst collectors.

Thanks go to Stuart Albon for providing the images of the Japan Miniatures Lucky Box.